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Damballah Bad Boy

“Damballah—cosmic snake—hatched
an egg creating our world.”
—Alden Reimonenq,
“Palmnut & Hatched Love,”
Hoodoo Headrag

In the darkness he comes—
Digging outta death into
Near life thru himself again.

No time for lies or jivin’—
Truth is a big long snotty
Runny oyster outta the Egg.

I pick the kid up late—
Ruins stand around the Night
A dinge tourist attraction.

Where young gods bored—
Fool around the 7-Eleven
Darkness gives birth nice.

Human hisses at first—
Then outta pain & silence
Cracks his Palmnut bad…

Damballah Speaks

“When Loas speak faintly,
mountains cannot be seen.”
— Alden Reimonenq,
“Palmnut & Hatched Love,”
Hoodoo Headrag

When the kid loses it—
All the street lights blink out
Along the dark night street.

The eucalyptus trees—
Grieve for the way he moans
Dying in my arms in bed.

The pecan trees moan—
And drop their nuts for the
Sweet-tooth pecan pie crowd.

Damballah Dead whisper—
Esu laughs & Ogoun flows
A different kind of current.

Like sticking my tongue—
Deep into a light socket
The shock of Teen Dinge…

Damballah Moans

“But hunger in a fierce wind
knows no friend, peace, peer.”
—Alden Reimonenq,
“Palmnut & Hungry Loas,”
Hoodoo Headrag

They chase the jungle—
Away but the sugar cane fields
Come back south of campus.

The Loas suffocate bad—
When they built the Stadium
For Huey P. Long back then.

But the cane grows tall—
Down by the levee by the
Old Mississippi River Man.

He cuts cane all day—
Shirtless, muscular, sweaty
His razor-sharp machete.

Picking him up after work—
In my mother’s pink Cadillac
Spreads his legs just for me.

Damballah Groans

“And ancestor talk
creeps gingerly…”
—Alden Reimonenq,
“Crossroads at New Orleans,”
Hoodoo Headrag

Secrets & prayers—
They come easily from lips
Pouty, sullen, puffy.

Down in the Big Easy—
Katrina washes the dead
Outta their old cemeteries.

Dead shrimp & pelicans—
Wash up on tainted beaches
The Gulf of Mexico gone.

Deep Mississippi Delta—
When the kid shoots his wad
I hear gravediggers moan.

That’s when I get scared—
Feeling his disgust for me
Knowing he’s crossing over.

Mandingo Damballah

“Caught in his dream,
a slave demands payment”
—Alden Reimonenq,
“Buying What’s Free,”
Hoodoo Headrag

Caught up in a nightmare—
He strangles me one night
Hands tight around my throat.

“Too much wine” I simply say—
But I know it’s something else
A many-times wrong thing.

Suppressed anger admits—
A greedy slave master like me
Has been draining him dry.

I pay him more for love—
Out of self-mockery I tell him
To whip me like a whitey slave.

Spread-eagled in bed—
Face buried deep in a pillow
Beat me, burn me, fuck me to death.

He smacks my nelly ass really bad—
With the flat of his machete blade
When’s he gonna slice my throat?

Damballah Goes for a Drive

“No sounds, just moves creating
nature with each lithe pose…”
—Alden Reimonenq,
“Palmnut Talking Texts,”
Hoodoo Headrag

We go for long night drives—
Down on Levee Road where the
African night is cool & humid.

I let him drive the Cadillac hog—
Nude with Congo radio playing
Pealing back his taut foreskin.

Pink swollen Zimbabwe head—
Cheesy Africanity tart & slimy
Pony Boy smegma does me in.

His young manhood flows slow—
Mississippi meat moans & groans
Taboo love behind the wheel.

Caught up in his dream—
A young handsome slave demands
Payment from his faggot master.

Damballah Knows

“lust-engendered blood
brewed in self-hatred…”
—Alden Reimonenq,
“A Wedding of Colors,”
Hoodoo Headrag

I keep acting like I know—
Knowing the way he runs deep
Into the rocks into the soil.

I keep acting like I’m one—
With this black Louisiana kid
Getting it all I fuckin’ can.

I keep acting like it’s gonna—
Like last forever this dinge
Wedding of shame & cum.

I keep telling myself he loves—
Surely he loves me as much as
I love him both night & day.

I keep knowing it can’t last—
He’s hopelessly hetero & already
He’s a mile away from me now…

Damballah Offspring

“For it is a priapic dance—
no chance for fleshy birth…”
—Alden Reimonenq,
“Stealing a Birth,”
Hoodoo Headrag

The skanky snake god pouts—
Knowing that his manhood is
Wasted on the likes of fag me.

Getting legendary Ifé off—
Draining Esu of his jizz life
His heartbreaking babypaste.

My cocksucker lips know—
Hardened & bold with desperation
Cross-eyed & obsessed for sure.

Giving him priapic blowjobs—
His teenage genealogy getting
Squeezed outta him each squirt.

Something in his closed eyes—
Tells me to let the kid go, baby
Let him be utterly free again…

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