Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ocean Drive Badboy

Ocean Drive Badboy

“Man, you don’t look so hot.”

I look up at the kid, his slanted beady eyes and pearly-white shark teeth. What a Miami Beach badboy he is, this cute Cuban hustler in my boat.

I look at his face and then down at his skimpy pink swimming suit, his troublesome eight-armed struggling octopus all wrapped up tight inside it.

These little fat grey-green slimy tentacle tips wiggling, squeezing outta the suit, between the nylon and his tanned skin, stretching down his legs.

Young Shark guyz suck the breath right outta me, that’s the feeling I get in the back of the boat. I’m coming back to life again, feeling inhuman again.

I must’ve fainted probably, too much underwater sex and games. I finger my way up his leg under the tight edge of his pink Speedo shorts.

“Gimme some more,” I say to him.

“Huh, perv? Some more what?” He plays it dumb.

“You know, some more of the good stuff, kid. Some more artificial respiration on your barracuda…with my faggy lips.”

“Uh-huh,” Armando says, smirking at me.

The last thing I remember is me choking it to death underwater. Going down on Armando. Getting strangled by it. I must’ve blacked out or something.

“This is what you mean?” he says.

Armando leans back against the Bayliner backseat, slipping his trunks down. Waves are flopping against the boat. It’s a lazy afternoon. Riding the waves along Ocean Drive, tourists gawking at the deco.

Sprong!!! The kid’s flat skanky electric eel flips up like a spring. Outta his tight swimming suit and goes ka-flap! Up against this hard stomach, up past his bellybutton with a quick snap.

“Go ahead, do my mama red snapper. Make it shoot!” Pretty soon he’s gonna need some more coke and start whining about pussy bad. But right now, a quickie blowjob will just have to do.

Getting Shark off gets old pretty fast. I’m already getting bored with it. After all it’s been since Saturday night. Str8ts can be boring after awhile, all they’re good for is coke and pussy.

But str8t sex can be addictive. It’s worth it I suppose, for an intense minute or two. I like it stupid and spaz, goin cross-eyed on me. When they stick to going all dick, and shut the fuck up.

It’s always on Armando’s mind tho. He’s hopelessly hetero. He thinks about it constantly. Choking some chick to death, his flat uncut Cuban cock doing its thing.

Stuffing it all the way down a bug-eyed chick’s bulging throat. Cum cuming outta her nose. That’s why Armando closes his eyes, calls me some chick’s name when he’s fuckin my dirty whiteboy mouth.

Sounds bad? It gets worse, especially with a mulatto ten-inch fat thick Cuban snake. Vulgar ones turn me on a lot, Armando’s a hot rude rough trade trick.

He pulls my hair tight, I swear to gawd I see stars. When I give him head, it’s real slutty pussy he fucks. That’s what I want, that’s what I need.

I need a young guy who fucks my head like pussy, corkscrewing his middle-fingers into my ears, deeper & deeper inside my fuckin brain.

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