Monday, September 12, 2011

The Shark

The Shark

The huge red shark swims in the crystal-clear water. Adrenaline shoots thru it. It has a pair of legs, some knees, strong arms pulling it thru the ocean.

He stretches it out just for me, like it was a spear gun ready to shoot a barbed harpoon up my ass. Or down by rubbery oyster lips.

I get him onboard the cabin cruiser, he shish-kebabs me to a dead stop. His threatening fin slides erotically sideways, ten inches down past my tonsils.

He lets it all out, both all the air in his lungs and all the octopus sushi oozing down my fucking throat. He bends forward, going spaz on the bottom of the boat. He can’t help it.

Finally I slip my finger, into his tense tight asshole. For a second he’s suspended in time, the whites of his eyes are all I can see. A shark’s lidless eyes…

I’m stuck on him bad, I forget about everything else. My mouth full of his Jell-O jizz-thick cum, it’s overpoweringly awful and yet exquisite tasting.

Then I feel the electric current, it’s bright and coming closer and closer. The cum makes him dizzy, my lips get puffy and pouty. I lose it…

I close my eyes, it’s salty like snot. Ever sucked a guy’s runny snotty nose? Stared in another guy’s eyes, some str8t kid who’s amazed by your cocksucking nerves. Smirking at you?

That’s the way I feel. Around Armando. A clammy panic shoots thru him, like Armando was a sleek, muscular shark. He makes me tremble and wanna do dirty things even more than usual.

But I can’t stop. Armando grabs me, bites me hard for a long time on my neck. I can feel the shark’s teeth sink deeper, jizzy & sharp. As I let Armando have me, making me take his oozing slimy cum.

I feel like vomiting, staring at Shark’s mean eyes. Armando throws me on my stomach, can I survive another hot Cuban fuck? I feel his sneaky K-Y finger up my ass, Armando sticks his tongue down my ear.

That’s when I usually lose it. The salt smell, the cum taste, it makes him wanna faint. I breathe. That’s the important thing. I breathe to survive.

Shark grabs my face, turns it around. Forces my eyes open, so I can see Armando’s face. Smell his sweat and piss and rum and cum, knowing I’m just a whore with dried blood and coke up my nose.

My eyes begin to unfocus, I can’t feel my body anymore. Not even my hairless, fleshy foreskin pierced twice, my nipples pierced & swollen erect.

Armando squeezes the last bit outta him, shudders, spits on the floor. The boat turns into a hotel room, scummy goo coats my tongue like slimy boiled okra.

Armando leans back in bed, smoking a cigarette. Even his dirt, spit & cum turns me on. He doesn’t take a bath, the first thing I get is the Cuban kid’s awful-tasting smegma.

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