Tuesday, November 8, 2011

True Confessions

True Confessions

True Confessions
Crime of Love
Ardennes Angel/Devil
Parnassus Queen
Two Hustlers
Bad Sleeper
Ode to Teen Toughies
Fallen Angel

True Confessions

poor miss verlaine—
pulp fiction queen bee
confessing her sins

what hard angel—
has stuffed her full
between her shoulders?

young jealous arthur—
fucking her to paradise
all the way to jail?

unworthy chicken queen—
crawling on her knees
poor parnassian pussy

Crime of Love

in a palace of silky—
foreskin and gold called
ephebic ecbatana

a beautiful demon—
an adolescent satan
7 sins for 5 scenes

insolent evil angel—
16-years old sullen brat
pubes a crown of thorns

arms crossed in bed—
spermy cumly thug
fake pouty lips

Ardennes Angel/Devil

precious vertigo—
juice squeezed from a
tight testicular gourd

writing the inexpressible—
the foolish virgin performs
her sobbing critique

writing the "silence"—
presenting evidence of
what’s impossible to hear

the curse of love—
a young heurtebise
chauffeur and his hearse

Parnassian Whore

paris so full of—
seductive teenage thugs
distracting queer poets

miss verlaine seeks—
their caresses for she’s
a moth drawn to flame

singed and scorched—
her forehead furrowed
in terrifying despair

how can it be now—
she’s just a fallen angel
a mere parnassian whore?

Two Hustlers

one is fifteen—
the other is sixteen
both are simply dolls

it happens one night—
during oppressive june
2 bored blue-eyed boys

the youngest blushes—
his head haloed in curls
buried in the pillow

the oldest fucking him—
doing to his chicken pal
what darling boyz will do!

Bad Sleeper

she’s a bad sleeper—
miss verlaine’s peepers
don’t wanna miss nothing

she’s wide-awake—
down at the black cat
mutinous, malicious night

miss verlaine can’t sleep—
stubborn, whorish, craving
the young wide-awake ones

the night submerges—
and overwhelms verlaine
poor gay insomniac poet

Ode to Teen Toughies

they’re young hoodlums—
roughtrade like rimbaud
and so very well-built

after writing all day—
her strenuous literary work
miss verlaine needs a break

dumb butchy guyz—
talk in slang about fags
gangbangs and pricks

verlaine’s such a bitch—
infatuated with pinheads and
especially young harelips!

Fallen Angel

heavenly hung—
yet nimble like nijinsky
built like baryshnikov

unrestrained ennui—
prodigious male climax
such grave elasticity

sly and deceitful—
resuscitating her back
from dionysian despair

odilon, an urchin—
curling his toes, bending
his supple, slender legs

Giving Head

arthur’s asshole—
bored, petulant boy
mixture of dread & joy

after love his glans—
retreats into foreskin
a god in a cloud

milking his prick—
his jouissance sizzling
squirting opalescence

unspeakable vice—
miss verlaine's obscene
mother of pearl facials

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