Monday, April 4, 2011




“A black cock on a hulking white man” — Samuel R. Delany The Mad Man __________________________________________

I couldn’t help it — I loved him so much back then Tyrone my boyfriend __________________________________________

I couldn’t help it — I was totally consumed with penis-envy __________________________________________

I couldn’t help it — All I could think about was Tyrone’s ten inches __________________________________________

I couldn’t help it — I got him off so many Times I became it __________________________________________

I couldn’t help it — Call me Son of Dracula thirsty for dinge love


I couldn’t help it — Scream Blacula Scream baby I needed it bad


Gimme Mandingo — I was a Teenage Zombie doing the Down-Low


I couldn’t help it — Voodoo drums in the cane field Darby Jones standing there


Nude at the crossroads — His dead eyes checking me out tall, black, goodlooking __________________________________________

I couldn’t help it — Drums, Wind, Haitian moonlight Taste of brown sugar __________________________________________

I couldn’t help it — Bon the Beautiful handsome Mulatto brother __________________________________________

I couldn’t help it — If I went down on him there in the Ole Miss dorms


I got him off — Back during the Civil War up there at the Battle of Shiloh


Both Bon & Judith — they got married & bred a new Sutpen Dynasty!!! __________________________________________

Brotherly sisterly dinge miscegenation — Sutpen Plantation incest Bad Blood ran thru us


I couldn’t help it — All the dirty Snopes white boyz had big black penises too!!!__________________________________________

Montgomery Ward Snopes — Pretty Boy Snopes & sullen albino Ike Snopes high yellow too. __________________________________________

Uncle Buck & Buddy — All of the Carothers boyz All the McCaslins __________________________________________

Negro blood ran thru us — Delta Bourbon Dinge Elite our Negritude bloodline & proud Southern heritage


Yoknapatawpha County — and most of Mississippi Plantation Aristocracy all of us proud Dinge Queens __________________________________________

Mapplethorpe’s portrait — "Man in Polyester Suit" that infamous NYC stud be young endowed Tyrone __________________________________________

I couldn’t help it — I sucked Tyrone off so much & so many times, my whitey Penis turned Black!!!

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  1. I think you mean Uncle Buck and Uncle Buddy, not Uncle Budd and Billy. Uncle Buck and Uncle Buddy (Theophilus and Amodeus) were the twin sons of old Carothers Mc Caslin. But to my point: Is Montgomery Ward Snopes gay? Notice what Miss Reba says to him in the "Mink" chapter in The Town.