Friday, December 16, 2011

The Unreal Life of Sergey Nabokov X

Caloub the Counterfeiter

Albinos in Black

“I feel very curious
to know Caloub”
—Andre Gide,
The Counterfeiters

Without exactly—
Pretending to explain
Anything, I’ll simply say

What a sense of—
Exquisite indecency
I felt when I discovered

That Sergey left me—
An extremely handsome
Young nephew to know

I know it sounds—
Grotesquely, irrefutably
Brutal & outrageous but…

The Back of the Moon

"Why should you be
afraid of me? You know
very well I don’t exist”
—Andre Gide, Journal of
The Counterfieiters

Yes, that’s what I thought—
That sums it all up: believing
Young Devils don’t exist

Even tho Goethe said—
A man’s strength and his
Force of predestination…

Are recognizable—
By the demonical element
He wants within himself

Caloub was sixteen—
My male Lolita loverboy
His inrush of teenage evil

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