Friday, June 22, 2012

Call Me Miss Perverse

At a Wilde Boys reading
Fashion & Style: New York Times
November 2, 2011


Call Me Miss Perverse

“how gay culture continues
to perform a sly and profound
critique of what passes for normal”
—David M. Halperin, “Normal as Folk,”
The New York Times 6/21/2012

Call me Miss Perverse—but it’s the gossip queens and the bitch queens with their cat-fights over Miss Dimitrov & the Wilde Boyz that totally fascinates me.

It’s one thing to read Miss Halperin the Queer Theory queen with her astute Gay Pride remarks in today's New York Times about gay style—and another totally nitty-gritty thing like seeing gay bitch style in action like with the “Beauty” commentary thread about Miss Dimitrov in the Lambda Book Review.

Have I been slumming with National Enquirer too long—have I been browsing The Stranger & Miss Savage too much? Am I just a bored dilettante enamored with jealous poetry queens at each other’s throats?

Who wouldn’t want to get a write-up & promo in the Style and Fashion Section of the New York Times?

Who wouldn’t want some stylish gossip here & there about doing a gay moderné salon full of a coterie of cute young gay Wilde boyz doing their Lady Windermere Thing?

Who wouldn’t want to be tres chic & intellectual attending a reading with the latest new avant garde Poet—and do a little tricking on the side?

Honey, sex sells—just ask Miss Rimbaud & poor slobbering suffering sugar daddy Miss Verlaine.

Just ask poor Miss Oscar Wilde—getting the water-board treatment for being outta the closet a tinse too early there in Miss Britannia.

For heaven’s sake—now in this enlightened twenty-first century just take a jaundiced ogling eyeball look at how far we’ve come.

A dyke Poet Laureate in America and Jolly Old England—and god knows how many raving queer poets outta the closet since Miss Ginsberg fell in love with butchy Neil Cassidy & started her “Howl” rant that never did stop, my dears.

Of course, we’re much more sophisticated now with this Gay Pride Month of June 2012 swishing right along. We’ve got lots more Queer Theory White Trash intellectuals to help us gird our loins.

We’ve done got rid of DADT—now we can join the Roman Legion for its latest Asiatic Adventures & die proud & gay for the advancement of the New Twot Order. We can shower with cute Marines!!!

What else? The List goes on & on. We can be just like the Str8t Crowd—kids, divorces, alimony, child support, benefits, boondoggles, baby-buggies. Gee Whiz—aint Acculturation neat?

Well, just look at me. I fit right into the bitch queen cat fight mob out there in the back alley of American Poetry. I’m just an ole Tom Cat for Love I guess…

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