Thursday, November 22, 2012

Literary Three Ways


“The Third Man” three-way—
Between Harry Lime, Holly
Martin & Alida Valli is a typical
Graham Greene plot-device

Like in the 1963 short story —
“May We Borrow Your Husband?”
A rather mixed-bag comedy
That Greene wrote in Antibes

Two flamboyant homosexuals —
Plot to seduce a honeymoon
Bridegroom with the help of
Greene diverting the bride

The bored bride actually —
Puts the make on Greene but
Being the gentleman he demurs
From making love to her

Meanwhile the two fags —
Go to town with the young
Naïve handsome husband
Who lavishes all the attention

Of course, Graham Greene —
Keeps up a brave front as
The detached novelist who’s
Interested only in sex comedy

Fag Noir Literati

Other filmic book-scripts 
By Graham Greene including
“The Comedians” (1967) with
Richard Burton and Liz Taylor

Like “The Third Man” —
The devil’s in the noir details
Greene’s characters defined
By sexual comedy camping

The drag act routine —
Getting a wanted passenger
To the safety of the American
Consulate simply a gay romp

The same with Herr Kurtz —
Viennese nightclub chanteuse
With his tacky cheap toupee
Who wants to meet Holly Martin

Allegedly to get an autograph —
Of “The Lone Rider of Santa Fe”
But really to check out this gay
American friend of Harry’s

Naïve Joseph Cotton plays —
Holly Martin, faggy boyfriend
Lover of Harry Slime who died
Supposedly recently in Vienna

But not really, my dear —
Dr. Winkle winks knowingly
His face elongated in fake
El Greco-esque agony

Both Kurtz and Winkler —
Covering up the noir secret
His supposed death rather
A sneaky Jansenist cover-up

Dying fictitiously for the —
Benefit of the drug ring
Elect whose underground
Business is quite lucrative

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