Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Tiara


“ruby, blood-deep; sapphire's 
ice resilience; emerald evergreen;
the shy pearl, humility”—Carol Ann Duffy, 
“The Crown,” for the 60th anniversary 
of my Royal Coronation

My Tiara translates a mere queen —
my dears, into being a Queen Bee

Endless gold, choking on itself —
deep Well full of faggy fathoms 

All those years to drown in —
Niagara bride like Marilyn Monroe

Giving head so expertly —
such dutiful Penis Pageantry 

Knowing its blessed weight—
journeying from king to king

Blessed living Queen—
going down on the Treasure

Giving it the Royal Treatment—
leaving Hickie for Halo

Not just one Head alone—
but decades of giving Head

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