Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Marilyn Monroe


“Am I to become
profligate as if
I were a blonde?”
—Frank O’Hara
Meditation in an Emergency

I’m like Marilyn Monroe—
strangled by Joseph Cotton
in the Niagara Falls Clock Tower

My purse spilling out all my—
lipstick, compact, mirror,
mascara and rubbers

I’m the least difficult fag—
in Hollywood like I flee
Fickle Fame and Happiness

Forget my Academy Award—
for “Some Like It Hot” and
film noir “The Asphalt Jungle”

And remember, honey—
Diamonds are a queen’s
best friend in a pinch

Forget Marlene Dietrich—
those Weimar cabaret blues
sad Blue Angel burlesque

I play the dumb Blonde—
let the jerks pretend
they know everything

Open the lock—
and let the knob turn
open your closet door

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