Saturday, November 2, 2013

Nelly Narcissus

Nicolas Poussin, Echo and Narcissus, 1629


“a mephitis of alcohol, 
anality & and spank magazines."
—Martin Amis
"Don Juan in Hull," 
New Yorker 1992

“Notable United States gay poets 
include Dennis Cooper, Gavin Dillard, 
John Gill, Dennis Kelly, Tom Meyer, 
Paul Monette, Harold Norse and 
Jonathan Williams.”


Miss Kelly actually was just—
A rather minor gay laureate 
Of faggy denouement 

Being the least of the—
Esteemed list of gay potentates
Thus avoiding tres lit crit

Thus somewhat spared—
From the waxing & waning of 
any gay literary reputation

CHICKEN scandalized some—
But pretty soon it was ho-hum
What else is new, my dear?

She got out as early as she—
Could & got a Sugar Daddy
Domestica Americana etc

She was just a Mabel—
A dreary-deary queen bee
Garçon to the Gay Muse

She enjoyed fag squalor—
Derisory of Queer Theory
And Political Correctness

Life to her was simply—
Boredom & then some more
Boredom as life dragged on

Camp, kitsch & irony—
Those gay specialties & vices
Her decadent fag poetics

She never outgrew it—
Even tho she got bored with it
Nelly Narcissus in the Mirror

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