Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Elvis the Pelvis

Elvis the Pelvis

After her divorce—Mommy Dearest got lonely. She was a small-town girl—a petite little Redhead.

When Elvis Presley—made his Hollywood début. Starring in “Love Me Tender” (1956)—she was still boy-crazy. And I was just a—little pimply-faced Chicken in the Seventh Grade.

The Granada Theater was packed—all the young ladies in town & awe-struck chicks were there. I was the only male in the audience—my mother insisted that I take her to the Special Saturday Afternoon Matinee.

I didn’t much want to go—I was still pretty much in the Closet. Elvis Presley was simply much too much for me—I preferred Queen Bee Liberace & her lovely sequined piano performances.

But I could feel the Excitement though—hundreds of screamy women there to see the Bijou Badboy. When Presley made his first appearance up there on the Silver Screen—it was like one big Screamy Orgasm!!!

Elvis played this stunningly goodlooking Civil War hero—dutifully plowing the cotton field of his family homestead. Talk about a Pussy Riot—I found myself screaming my head off too!!!

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