Monday, October 1, 2012

Desperate Divas

Desperate Divas

It seems like—
I’ve always been a
Desperate Diva

Even now, my dear—
I’m nothing but a
Tired old Movie Queen

Lacking the class—
Of the Major Divas
Like Bette Davis

Or Joan Crawford—
I go more for the
Grade B Scream Queens

Sulking there in the—
Film noir darkness
Of my tacky Discontents

Jan Sterling

The way she—
Schleps & slouches
Down the Staircase

On the outside of—
The dumpy dingy
Desert gas station

Her has-been husband—
Trapped in some cave
Looking for lost treasure

As she hobbles down—
The rickety stairs trying
To get out of town fast

Escaping from the—
“Big Carnival” (1951)
Billy Wilder’s nightmare

Linda Darnell

The way she—
Schleps into the
Two-bit dingy diner

Owned by her—
Worrisome sugar daddy
Poor whiny Percy Kilbride

Slouches down—
Into a chair, slips off
Her high heels sighing

Plop the shoe goes—
Onto the diner floor
Her feet are killing her

“Fallen Angel” (1945)—
Another one-night stand
“So what?” she snaps

Peggy Cummins

Roles get reversed—
John Dall plays the
Nelly Gangster’s Moll

Butchy Peggy Cummins—
Plays the tough Carnival
Shoe-em-up Cowgirl

Sucks Dall into Crime—
Corruption, armed robbery
The usual film noir thing

They’re fast and smart—
Like Bonnie and Clyde
But not fast enough

Peggy Cummins—
“Gun Crazy” (1951)
Femme fatale lover

Ann Savage

Ann Savage—
Sizes up Tom Neil pretty
Fast in “Detour” (1946)

The car is “hot”—
The owner dead back
Along the highway

A classic film noir flick—
Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer
Dark and Streamline Slinky

Ann Savage is Tom Neil’s—
Tawdry Double, his tacky
Claustrophobic Other

The Detour is his own—
Tragic fate caused by his
Own flaky femme fatale

Audrey Totter

Taking up from where—
Detour leaves off there’s
“The Set Up” (1949)

Lonely marquee lights—
Outside the hotel window
Another fixed fight

Robert Ryan as her—
Has-been aging boxer lover
On the sad downhill skid

She pauses on a bridge—
Looking down at all the
Busy traffic at night

Wanting to leave him—
Her boxer lover beat up
For not taking the fall

Gloria Talbott

Nobody believes her—
That her handsome young
Husband is an Alien

He’s cute on the outside—
But inside he’s an ugly
Pulsating slimy Creature!!!

Poor Gloria Talbott—
Ends up “Married to a Monster
from Outer Space” (1958)

The look on his face—
When she realizes the awful
Horrible ugly fucking Truth

It’s Tom Tryon’s turn—
To be the fatal Femme Fatale
Earthgirls are Easy!!!

Natascha McElhone

Most moviegoers are—
Familiar with a movie’s
Mise-en-scene layout

But not necessarily—
Andre Gide’s idea of
A film’s mise-en-abyme

His novel “The Counterfeiters”—
Portrays the idea instead of
The movie within a movie

Such a possible setup—
With “Matrix” and “Solaris”
Portrays synthetic quantum worlds

Most people have had such—
Dreams within dreams scenarios
Inside their own Bijou dreams

George Clooney experiences—
A cloned former lover who’s
Actually an Alien doppleganger

Such a mise-en-abyme plot—
Can be tres convoluted and
Very surrealistic to experience

Counterfeiting the supposed—
Real like a series of Russian dolls
One inside the other

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