Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mad Queens in the Attic

The Mad Queens in the Attic

It didn’t take long for—
The Mad Queens in the Attic to
Come swishing down the stairs

Like the Portrait of Dorian Gray—
They’d been cooped upstairs for
Much too long, my dears

But unlike Oscar Wilde’s double—
The new Mad Queens in the Attic
Weren’t tres bashful one little bit

Like Miss Bronte's Wuthering Heights
Girls & the Jane Eyre Madwomen, the 
New Mad Queens liked to flaunt it

They didn’t hide themselves—
Behind a curtain upstairs forever
But instead descended the staircase

Would Dorian Gray’s visage have—
Been so bold as to flaunt herself like
These raving Mad Queens in the Attic?

Now Oxford Press comes out with—
The Mad Queens in the Attic exposé
So shockingly homo transgressive!!!

Queer Theory literary critics are—
Lining up to guzzle Sassafras Tea
And trash this latest QT effrontery

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