Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jamal Parris


“A slave to the 
man you love”
—Jamal Parris

“While the media and the press 
and the rest of the people around 
the city or the rest of the country 
lookin askin how can you let a grown 
man suck ya but you have to 
understand that this man manipulated 
us from childhood. This was our father 
and we loved him.”—Jamal Parris

Noted homophobes Ted Haggard, George A. Rekers, Richard Curtis, Roy Ashburn, Albert Odulele, Mark Foley, Christopher Lee, Eddie Long, Jim West, Paul Babeu, Ken Mehlman and Larry Craig have been rather unceremoniously forced out of their respective closets fairly recently since they be so full of the usual evangelical skeletons. And de occasional rent boy.

Ever once in awhile lately it seems some of the various sexual victims are beginning to publish their own tell-all versions a la TRUE CONFESSIONS, going into the lurid memoir mode that would make even THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER crowd blush there in the check-out aisles of America’s chic suburban middle class culture.

Anti-gay politicians and pastors who be turnin' out to be gayer than a three-dollar bill, honey—they be de talk of de town lately. The question is whether the Fundamentalist Evangelical Community can "forgive" their various beloved meandering ministers and poor pastors who've lost their way?

After all, it be only a matter of time before some young dude—finally starts usin' de time-honored well-honed scandalously famous Feuilletonist literary style to be readin' de beads of de Gettin' Down Low Evangelical Grateful Dead, baby. 

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