Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cumly Creoles


“lady fictioneer from 
the sodden marshes 
of Southern Literature” 
—John Shelton Reed
Dixie Bohemia: A French
Quarter Circle in the 20’s

I was so far from New York—
when I moved to Louisiana 
I might as well have died.

I didn’t need to be a—
Bohemian queen there in
the French Quarter though

I was already rather gay—
opposed to genteel straight
society anyway, my dears

I was more interested in—
cute cumly dark-skinned 
well-endowed Creole boys

I was the kind of guy who—
was out to offend hetero
sensibilities but subtly so

Like in the dorm showers—
at Huey P. Long’s great
Louisiana State University

I let the French Quarter cum—
to me going down on the hung
Big Easy guys dontchaknow

Fuck New Orleans and all those—
tourist drunken nights down there
I was much more discrete, honey

Rather than courtyard romance—
the deep dark Spanish-moss hung
swamp Creoles appealed to me

I liked my meat nice and spicy
big thick water-moccasin types

New Orleans was too far away—
I preferred Baton Rouge college boys
falling and oozing off the map

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