Friday, May 17, 2013


GYMNAST (1965)

Exquisitely excruciating—
down to the last squirt

Down to the last little—
oozelette I got outta you

There in my apartment—
north of campus

If only Chimes Street—
could tell the story 

But then I’m sure—
you’ve forgotten now

Your girlfriend's lips—
the way I did you

Young teen gymnast—
Big Easy freshman stud

Flexing your chest—
just for me back then

How you made me—
feel sorry for you

So lonely, so needy—
Big Easy melancholy 

Down there in Gretna—
you’d call her name

When you lost it—
just for her but like

I was really the one—
who got the feel

Michelangelo’s David—
coming alive thru you

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