Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MY BABY IS BLACK!!! (1961)

MY BABY IS BLACK!!! (1961)


"The hypothetical element

of such writing hesitant

at the edge of a powerful

orality, and yet composing

with it (we are far from

the spoken language)”

—Edouard Glissant,

Faulkner, Mississippi

The big black snake torpid & twisty—thick & black like a water moccasin down south all he needed was—some fangs & a pair of eyes to be a penis snake. it wasn’t that big—only ten brooding inches voodoo carib long it had a pink head—it needed a nice girlfriend not just a queer hand conduit of shame—pulling back uncut foreskin tiny black wrinkles untouchable meat—except for immediate mandingo love appreciation “hallelujah, lord!”—the black preacher cried each time that the snake got off the big black thick snake—it had a life all its own a creole night thing my zombie boyfriend—darby jones at the crossroads deep in the dark cane drums in the background—standing nude under the moon black african god voodoo love child it was unearthly—the way the snake slithered down the side of his leg a normal teenage—innocent adolescent mandingo moment then suddenly dark—moody sullen ancient male snake god the next it made my knees weak—in the middle of the night sleeping with the kid he had these wetdreams—i mopped up his slick stomach tonguing congo cum fags wanted him bad—he began catching their eye bulging just like mine there in the tea room— the one with the glory hole upstairs allen hall he was always scared—afraid when he stuck it thru glory hole’s orifice some whitey crazy—would give him a good blowjob and then cut it off he didn’t want to—see their faggoty faces how they wanted it becoming the snake it wasn’t easy—it was hard most of the time he couldn’t help it he grew up real fast—young male hormones flowing thru him like a river he couldn’t help it— it had a life all its won he became zombie he became possessed—his young african penis taking him over okay with me tho—i liked walking with zombies and sucking them off he needed it bad—smoking weed all the time just made it a lot worse he limped with each tray—his white waiter’s uniform he couldn’t help it self-consciously—looking away from me there cafeteria his mother the cook—cooking infirmary food her son the waiter after the first time—moved into my apartment there in tiger town my baby is black! i began thinking—that maybe i was in love bad seed flowed thru him sacred and profane—it was so strong i fainted it tasted awful his asshole, armpits—his cheesy negro foreskin his negritude cum it was just awful—i just couldn’t get enough i felt so ashamed i tried to stop it—but that old black magic kept coming back again. down in new orleans—at this dirty movie house watched this porno flick “my baby is black!!!”—about a paris white chick who fell for this black it was a skanky story—she ended up pregnant with this black guy’s kid. the delivery—the doctor smokes cigarettes the nurses are shocked aghast at the kid—what drive-in theater schmaltz “my baby is black!!!” she gives birth to this—pretty little black baby what did she expect? and the audience?—back during integration trembling with disgust? at first just sleazy— french quarter movie houses now on internet each time i got him—i swallowed his black baby down to the last drop fifty years later on the internet— watching it 50 years later so very campy at the time back then—going to lsu living there in tiger town the zeitgeist was tense— it was forbidden romance my baby was black my mulatto prince—my young handsome dinge boyfriend getting all i could i was queer for him—how many black baby wads i sucked outta him? my young black lover—built like a dinge apollo a black osiris the mississippi— my sluggish egyptian nile river lover back in the sixties—we’d get loaded like hippies then i got him off who knows how many—squirmy runny black babies i sucked outta him pheromones flowing—his armpits stinky & damp legs around my neck spraining his neck he sprained his neck lots—banging against the headboard going spaz real bad it hurt really nice—like a charley horse only much worse than just that it hurt so bad that—he fainted while still cuming his brown eyes closed tight nothing like a spaz—losing himself all the way becoming just dick that’s when oral sex—becomes perfect dick worship all the fucking way he became mandingo—a dick with a pair of legs an inch-long dick-slit his tight flexing hips—fecundating full of sperm i drained the kid dry the earth’s axis tilts—sucking off a young zombie a casual god

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