Saturday, August 13, 2011

Horror High School


Blown away by the rash of suicides committed by bullied LGBT teens last year—Maurice and his lover Quentin decided it’s time to get even.

Nobody cares or does anything about it. Not the teachers, not the parents, not their classmates. Gay guys get beat-up in the bathrooms, roughed-up in the hallways, sneered at in gym class & bullied in the parking lot after school.

Fags aren’t just simply “too gay” anymore—now they’re queer outlaws on the run. The more publicity DADT and DOMA drums-up—the more prejudice gets stirred-up in the mainstream media everywhere. The bullies are smart—picking up on the bad vibes. They get down & dirty. Things aren’t ever gonna get any better—they’re just gonna get worse.

Maurice’s family blames him for all the trouble—he’s such a nelly little femme fatale. It’s just like all those Catholic priests & queenly bishops—blaming the choir boyz for being such seductive “tarts.” Quentin just hates it—kicking the victims. Everybody blaming gay kids for causing—all the bullying and homosexual angst.

TV, movies, magazines, newspapers, comics—they just make everything worse. The internet doesn’t help things much either. Maurice’s dad just stays up online late at night—beating off watching str8t porno all the time. His bored wife is grateful—she despises Maurice’s couch-potato father for being such a slob.

It’s hard for Maurice & Quentin to see themselves above it all—escaping with their imagination into some kind of allegorical Fairy Tale Wonderland. There just isn’t any “Wizard of Oz” anymore—there just wasn’t any “No Exit” from Homophobia for young teenage fags these dayz.

Stonewall and gay marriage have come & gone—Judy Garland grew up & isn’t an innocent kid anymore. She’s dead & gone now—after shooting up & overdosing on the toilet. Ending up in the Baby Boomer Bathroom—way up there in the Sky.

Maurice & Quentin’s generation—are on their own now. The hippies & slackers are history—the same with Harvey Milk’s generation & all those that got fucked bad by Aids. Mauice’s sick of the bullying—Quentin wants to get even too…

There’s this mean ugly Bully on the football team—Butch is his fuckin’ nickname. He hates fags—he’s always picking on them. Everybody’s afraid of him—even the principal and teachers.

Everytime he comes to school, all the buzzers & alarms go crazy—when he walks through the metal detector guarded front doors. The guards shrug—they’re used to it. They smile at Butch—for being so butchy & muy macho.

He dumps his usual bicycle chains, iron knuckles, knives, machettes and crowbars—into the bucket by the door. They let him pick it all up—after school’s over. The guards are sorta homophobic too—they side with Butch like everybody else.

Butch isn’t just a stupid jock though—bully’s can be cunning & awfully sneaky. Plus he gets off on bullying all the girlz too. Of course, being on the football team—has its perks. He gets to strut around school—wearing his butchy leather letterjacket.

Butch’s proud & cocky—he’s been a bad boy for a long time now. Lots of crummy karma is coming his way—he deserves whatever he gets. He’s already driven lots of the gays into exile by now—making them drop outta school so they won’t get beat up.

So Maurice & Quentin plan it out for the weekend—after the football game and kegger party. Quentin gets his dad’s pair of wheels—a tricked-out classic Camero with a big V-8. And a cute chick in the backseat—Roxanne who’s a good fag-hag friend of theirs. Roxanne’s gonna be the bait.

So, Roxanne shows up at the party—a wild loose kegger out in the sticks. She flirts with big boy Butch—after he gets really totally drunk & stoned. She winks & wooes him—they take a little ride into the country. For a dirty little “quickie”—down by the river.

That’s where Maurice & Quentin are waiting—they let Roxanne mess around a little bit. They put on their Halloween Masks—and then pretend to be a couple of mean really-bad rapists. They let Roxanne get away—then they get Butch handcuffed nude in the backseat .

They tape his mouth shut with duct-tape—they get him all lubed up with lots of K-Y. Then they get down—and go to town for a couple of hours. And it sure ain’t very pretty either…

Butch limps down the hallways hurtin’ bad—for a whole bowlegged week after that. Gimping his way from class to class—not telling anybody all the shame he feels. For being manhandled & reamed inside-out really bad.

Butch’s big bad bully dayz are over—now he fucking knows what badboy bullying is all about…

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