Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sweet Bird of Youth

Sweet Bird of Youth (1962)

“There is no place to retire to…when you retire from the movies. Except OBLIVION.”—Alexandra Del Lago

“If I’d just been OLD… but I wasn’t old. I just wasn’t young any more.”

“Your COME BACK. What happened? You just didn’t have it anymore?”

“Oh, I had it! I had the will…and the talent to go with it… But the CAMERA… The Camera doesn’t know how to LIE… There’s a thing, god help us. Called the Close-Up…”

“The camera dollies in… your FACE caught in the light blazing… Your terrible history screams while you SMILE…”

“And then before you know it comes the night of the Pageant…”

“Who’d you say she was? She’s Alexandra Del Lago. Who? I thought she was dead and buried…”

“After that... FLIGHT! Running away from that frightful COME BACK!”

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