Sunday, August 11, 2013

928 Constitution


“I search the address on 
Google Maps and, via 
"Street view," find myself 
face to face”—David Trinidad
9773 Comanche Avenue

In this photograph—
My childhood house looks
Gaunt and spectral at sunset

But then everything looked—
That way in Emporia, Kansas
At least it seemed that way

I inherited the house from—
My grandparents, it was a
Few blocks from the campus

It was just a little two-bit—
Midwestern teachers college 
Town next to the railroad tracks

The Santa Fe ran thru town—
Most of the people worked there
Including Walter my grandfather

Later he became one of the—
Local country commissioners
But had a stroke and died

I went to college and got my—
Degree in Librarianship then
Retired as a gay recluse poet

I rented rooms to promising—
Young English majors who like
Needed sugar daddy guidance

Faulkner writes about the way—
The light in August is somehow
Different down in Mississippi

It’s that way in Kansas too—
The way it slants down through
The stained-glass windows

It’s funny the way that—
Midwestern Noir seeps down
Into you when you’re retired

No wonder one gets stoic—
Resigned and despondent as
The evenings lengthen dark

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