Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chimes Street Journal

Chimes Street Journal VI

Writing at Night
Class Reunion
Huey P. Long Fieldhouse

Writing at Night

“the beauty of men
never disappears
but drives a blue car
through the stars”
—John Wieners,
“Two Years Later,”
Ace of Pentacles

keeping in touch—
something to do instead
of just staring at the wall

playing the game—
of shadow loneliness but
without the politics

cruising downtown—
dirty thoughts behind the

state capitol, a cute guy

The State Capitol

“I was young once”
—John Wieners,
“Helen Go Mother Beth,”
Behind the State Capitol

it’s so good to be—
miss kingfish again, letting
it happen its own way

thirties revolutions—
morals collapsing, all those
WPA revelations

behind the capitol—
louisiana's pouty tomb
a cute young kingfish


“pleasant chicanery”
—John Wieners,
“Understood Disbelief
in Paganism, Lies, Heresy,”
Behind the State Capitol

tedious queer mysteries—
salamandered viscosities
negligent debauched lusts

sometimes when they—
look down at you, dear,
it's really you looking up

dark kid from busstop—
your impertinent lips
the usual melodrama...

Huey P. Long Fieldhouse

“that permission”
—John Wieners,
“Ma’s Deck Chairs,”
Behind the State Capitol

it’s nice to feel—
these same masculine things
hanging around the pool

nude in the showers—
pulling the curtain behind
her, with them inside

one thing leads—
to another and things
get down & ugly nice

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