Sunday, October 23, 2011

John Wieners Interview

John Wieners Interview

Charley Shively

“fashionable to use
dreams in poetry”
—Charley Shively,
Gay Sunshine Interviews

how important—
are your dreams for
your poems?

they seize—
the waking day
i transpose them

nothing like a young—
guy’s nocturnal emission
while he’s wide awake


“broken-hearted memories”
—Charley Shively,
Gay Sunshine Interviews

did you do a lot—
of nights on the town
in san francisco?

i’d change my—
rectal suppository
every once in awhile

like for a hot—
raunchy night on
the town so gay

The Audience

“and your audience?”
—Charley Shively,
Gay Sunshine Interviews

i’m a whim of farouk—
a rimbaud dumped on
the fucking miami beach

audiences are pigs—
beauty parlor whores
miami beach tourists

i’m a hotel maid—
john baptist’s head in
a bedpan bleary-eyed

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