Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sick Southern Fiction

Sick Southern Fiction

Opening the Dinge Muse

“Faulkner’s old
preoccupation with
the psychopathology
of sex”—New York Times

naturally str8t critics—
were aghast, shocked, bored
infuriated with “absalom.”

such a strained, queer novel—
its deliberate grammatical errors
plus those high falutin words!!!

at least “sanctuary” was—
consistently shockingly str8t stuff
with whores & bloody corncobs!!!

but all this sick americana—
faggoty slithery southern decadence
queer delta bourbon dynasties?

surely the strangest, queerest—
longest, least readable, sickest
piece of southern fiction yet!!!

Faulkner’s Faggoty Imagination

“brutishly and
incredibly entangled”
—The New Yorker

and to think that our—
poor sophomore english class
had to endure such filth!!!

right there on campus—
held captive in allen hall by
faulkner’s sick imagination!!!

what’s a girl to do?—
but busily comb every page
for dirty sex & skanky details?

cheated tho of even that—
piecemeal sex eked out with
surmises and ghostly guesses.

not only bad syntax but—
also bad sex always hinted at
not like lady chatterley’s lover!!!

miss borges liked faulkner—
all that “baroque” foreplay fiction
the delays, postponed climaxes…

all those ambiguous—
fabulations and divagations…
detours of sex & sin!!!

Dinge Lit Romance

“this peculiar world
of the unvanquished is
consanguineous with
american history”
—jorge luis borges,
book reviews and notes

naturally or rather—
perhaps totally unnaturally
sick faulkner appealed to me.

i was an adolescent like—
bayard and i had a dinge
lover like “ringo” in bed.

beyond our apartment—
was a “living map” of what
miss faulkner wrote about…

it wasn’t just woodchips—
it was the “nigger” in the
woodpile all southerners had.

the shadowy dinge muse—
haunting the sutpen & satoris
plantations were my thing too.

i fell for a creole drusilla—
but leroy saved me from a
dinge-love nervous breakdown.

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