Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mommy Dearest Two


Describing my events and their relationship but—
Also how it made Mommy Dearest obviously feel

We were both suffering a LOT of pain because—
We were both under constant autocratic control

Straight society always felt like it was in a—
Bottomless abyss of gay loneliness and despair

Honestly, although my family life was probably—
The best a fag could ever expect or hope for

With me it was for other reasons, my dears—
But I can say we both had feelings of desperation

Yet one cannot help but wonder who suffers
More whether it’s the Straights or us nelly fags

I mean, there are three sides to every story—
The Straight side, the Queer Side and somewhere

In the middle the Tacky Truth haughtily resides—
An unholy bitch, bent on destroying us all…

Every facet of the life of the gay son is so empty—
Who has any feelings other than hatred for us?

Am I like Christina the world's most ungrateful—
Undeserving, rebellious and insolent child?

Feeling so awfully slighted and maligned that—
I wrote this confession out of dire need for money?

Or am I saying these things for undue sympathy—
To get some kind of revenge for being trashed?

Probably just a cheesy mixture of the two—
Certainly, many, many poor queens feel like I do

To have publicly come out in defense of fags—
Despite DOMA, Death and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?

Many people have bore witness to my story—
My abuse by many others, including my family

My younger kid brother simply hates my guts—
All because I’m a chicken queen who desires him

I catch him in the shower or in the bathtub—
Constantly beating off & masturbating himself

He’s such a selfish little prick who would let me—
Have even a little dab or exquisite jizzy squirt!!!

Perhaps I’ve been much too blatantly faggy—
A pushy queer Christina older brother perhaps

I wonder if young cute Christopher Crawford—
Got hit upon and seduced by naughty Christina?

In truth, and yes, this is my True Confession—
I will take the liberty of weighing in for Joan

I am more apt to believe, at least sympathize—
With Joan that the two brats were just No Good

I know I wasn’t, honey, Bad Seed did me in—
Some other Mommy Dearest ditched me real fast

Nevertheless, I still believe in Christina’s laments—
Mostly to be believed, but not everything, my dears

I hardly think it’s nearly as bad as she makes it—
After all, she was ensconced in plush Brentwood

The naked truth, the ugly nasty whole truth—
It rarely makes for down & dirty good storytelling

At the very least, I embellish quite a bit—
But either way, it’s better than reading a book

Watching porno movies, I get the feeling that—
Christina was rather rebellious just like me

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