Friday, January 4, 2013



“everything already here"
—George Oppen

it’s easy to begin again—
new beginning, how swank

We find everything already here
Art deco avant garde style

And the brutal surreal 
is without issue, at a dead end

No need to develop argument 
In order to speak, we’ve become

Already the unreal, life losers
Lacking solidity, losing content

Detroit is our game
Because Detroit is not a game

Detroit is a style of action
Beyond argument and opinion

Detroit the muse now
The once elegant business district

Here the muse begins again
High in the Penobscot Skyscraper

Sleekly ensconcing itself
High up here in the air

That smells fresh and clean
For they have come to an end

The end of an era
First of all the peoples

And now may the distance
Make things new

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