Thursday, January 17, 2013

indiscreet charm


A deliciously satiric remake of the Luis Buñuel classic film, “The Discreet Charm of Bourgeoisie” (1972).

A gay middleclass sextet sits down to dinner but never gets served. Their attempts to dine in fancy restaurants are continuously frustrated by a series of vaudevillian events both acted out and imagined.

Like the doomed crowd of playgoers in “The Exterminating Angel” (1962)—the gay bourgeoisie are trapped in their cramped condo cage with no escape. 

Then after being miraculously and unexplainably released—they go to a gay nightclub to celebrate their new-found freedom only to end up being trapped all over again. 

The gay bourgeoisie are continuously bored and trapped—commuting back and forth to work on grid-locked freeways day after day. There is no escape.

What’s indiscreet about the gay bourgeoisie—is they lack any class or discrete charm. No saucy jouissance or upper middleclass c'est la vie. Only their bored and frustrated attempts—each day to simply get by, to get served and somehow just survive.

The problem with being gay bourgeoisie—is that accommodation by the ruling Str8t Heteronormative Class comes at price. Even after going mainstream after DADT with gay marriage and all those other lovely hetero perks—life still remains so boring and very tiring.

Boring, tiring, tacky & so tres bourgeois and commonplace. There’s simply no escape—being gay middleclass bourgeoisie. 

Simply more excruciating ennui—with each day of crummy captivity.

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