Saturday, January 19, 2013

War Gods of the Deep


“Smells like overripe cheese”
—Samuel Z. Arkoff

“The worst films which I have
seen contain five marvelous 
minutes, while the best films,
the most praised, have
scarcely more than five
worthwhile moments.”
—Man Ray

Any film with Vincent Price and Tab Hunter in it—has simply got to be exquisitely kitschy and campy.

This Samuel Z. Arkoff Grade Z trashy movie stars— Vincent Price the master of suspense and horror in another cheesy adaptation of an Edgar Allan Poe turbulent fantasy. 

Along with still handsome and daring Tab Hunter—along with the alluring Susan Hart of “Pajama Party” fame. 

Directed by genius noir Jacques Tourneur—who brought you such thrillers as “The Cat Woman” and “I Walked With a Zombie.” As well as “The Seventh Victim” and “The Curse of the Demon.”

A simply marvelous mish-mash of underwater Mermen and exploding volcanoes beneath the sea—this meandering piece of shit is well worth an intoxicated trashy cheesy Saturday Night at the Faggoty Movies.

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