Monday, January 28, 2013

Str8t Guyz Doing Drag

Str8t Guyz Doing Drag

It's such a hoot to watch str8t guys do drag. Whether it's drag, burlesque or strip-club cabaret. It's so campy like those Parisian can-can girls showing leg and doing their act up on the stage. For some reason butchy numbers getting loose and letting it all hang out turns me on. Ever since I went to a UW Crew Team Party with Frank one weekend in the U-District. It was just hilariously funny and exquisitely sexy. A couple of the muscular guys must have been bi.... because they knew how to get the whole crew team to simply howl, honey. I was simply aghast, of course. Many of them were slumming in Frank's Hesse classes. Let's say I got to have sloppy seconds after Frank got done back then.......

Gawd, I feel like Dorian's portrait up in the attic...

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