Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Dinge Stain

The Dinge Stain

The Dinge Stain
Stained Lover Boy
The Other Stain
Black Silk
Classics Professor
Steena’s Kid

The Dinge Stain

“I wonder what he does
after he swallows me whole”
—Philip Roth, The Human Stain

everybody knew—
except coleman silk
about the stain now

he was the last one—
to find out the dinge
truth afterwards

what the writer—
nathan zuckerman
had found out

steena be pregnant—
with coleman’s own kid
she didn’t tell him tho

Stained Lover Boy

steena didn’t tell him—
even after saying goodbye
that night on the train

after he took her—
back home to meet his
proud black mother

steena had cried—
on the train afterwards
she couldn’t take it

they broke up—
she didn’t tell him tho
that she be pregnant

The Other Stain

it was shocking—
when it all came out
a gay black professor

big city university—
esteemed all-whitey
faculty, of course

that’s the truth—
coleman was queer
as well as dinge

the kid in bed—
wasn’t just a cute trick
he be steena’s son

Black Silk

the black widow—
of upper class passing
opened many doors

now they were all—
slammed shut and
coleman knew it

he couldn’t say—
shame on you, zuckerman
the real shame was his

his sirk make-believe—
imitation of life was over
his double-life exposed

Classics Professor

“why didn’t she—
tell me, steena, that
she & I had a son?”

the kid smirked—
“she didn’t tell you
cause she be ashamed.”

a classic tragedy—
right outta oedipus rex
incestuous male love

a closeted black man—
a secret dinge lover
his own son in bed…

Steena’s Kid

goodlooking, charming kid—
sexy stunning built youngman
a boxer physique like him

a body everybody fell for—
both men & women wanted it
green eyes, long dark lashes

eighteen years old—
a college freshman who
wasn’t ashamed of dinge

coleman tasted it—
steena’s son inside him
he wanted some more

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