Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Size Queen Blues

Size Queen Blues

Georgina to Denise
Getting Her Man
Blonde Venus


“a man of my own?”
—John Wieners, “To H,”
Cultural Affairs in Boston

she likes saturday nights—
when he comes over to
her place when his tacky
girlfriend don’t put out

she gets him good—
all the way from pukey
poughkeepsie down to
his zimbabwe zulu zone

he sits on her couch—
smoking some weed
using her ears like a
pair of BMW handlebars

Georgina to Denise

”smelt, felt and heard”
—Arthur Rimbaud,
Letter to Demeny (1871)

…gay poets such losers—
compared with georgina
who loves being engorged

he likes lotsa meat on—
his chicks dontchaknow
especially around the ass

georgina simply loves it—
how a man smells, feels
and gets fucked up good


“where veins run blue”
—John Wieners, “Waste,”
Cultural Affairs in Boston

poetry a noble art—
comes from well hung sons
georgina be a sizequeen

thick arteries, pulmonary—
pulsing velvet black penises
she’s a slut for dirty dicks

she owns lotsa stock in—
trojan inc company for sure
smell of burning rubbers

Getting Her Man

“contraction of desire”
—John Wieners, “Waste,”
Cultural Affairs in Boston

sex be more than just—
continuum of pussy pulsing
feminine phenomenology

just ask miss georgina—
doing the shocking down-low
on his twelve inch schlong

it’s the dignity of triviality—
getting close to the way
a guy really loses it nice


“make a sentence”
—John Wieners, “Solitaire,”
Cultural Affairs in Boston

she never stole nothing—
only a young man’s orgasm
dragging it outta him

georgina never hurt a guy—
except making him cross-eyed
half-blind, a cripple for life

she never would share him—
even tho she’d been my only
true friend & fag-hag for life


“all beauty dies”
—John Wieners, “Permanent,”
Cultural Affairs in Boston

he’s big and beautiful—
especially on saturday nights
with georgina in bed

he’s so young and vain—
he can last all night long
how she holds on tight

it’s bittersweet though—
her knowing his need will
someday persist elsewhere

Blonde Venus

—John Wieners, “Women,”
Cultural Affairs in Boston

funny how he can conspire—
alone to return the glamour and
excitement out of the tedious

georgina doing apparently—
even monotonous tasks around
him has this smile on her face

as if she were marlene dietrich—
doing that “blonde venus” scene
“hot voodoo” in the nightclub


“smoking and
drinking the wine”
—John Wieners, “Eila,”
Cultural Affairs in Boston

beautiful face—
face of the goddess

pale pearly-rose lips—
delicate little tongue-tip
giving him a rim-job

his turn to dangle—
his legs way up in the air
his toes all twisty

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