Monday, November 21, 2011

Miss Thing

Miss Thing

“Je est un autre”
(“I is someone else”).
—Arthur Rimbaud

Call me “Miss Thing”—
Not just someone else
But something other

It’s not my fault—
I’m so tres queeny
A lady must be strong

Call me “Miss Quite”—
“Miss Quite the Quite”
“Miss Quite the Quite Thing”

Call me Miss Spoiled—
Miss Quite-Transcendent
Miss Quite the Voyant

Such a gay Proposition—
Takes courage, my dears
Derangement isn’t easy

Especially in this scummy—
Bougeois str8t society with
Its money, TV and bribes

Voyant queenery requires—
Complete & utter abjection
Of one’s queer corupt self

Letting degeneracy—
Debauchery, decadence
Cleanse one’s debasement

Letting depravity—
Dissolutness, perversion
Do its risque dishy thing

Call me Miss Chicken—
Clucking at the hatching
Of my own naughty thoughts

Call me Miss Golden Goose—
Plopping down 24-karat gold
Eggs one after the other

Call me Jack up there—
Making love with the Giant
Jacking him off in the clouds

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