Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saint Denise

Saint Denise

“I felt the need
to become what
I was accused
of being”
—Jean Genet

Rat Noir
Vulgar Voyant
Oral Sex
Jizzy Journal
Miss Lautréamont
Cheesy Romance


I was tainted—
And taunted into
Admitting it

Once upon a time—
I was a nice little boy
In my little hometown

But in 1957—
I got mixed up with
Some bad company

Rat Noir

We were both—
Thirteen but his
Was ten inches

It was awfully—
Thick too, as
Wide as my lips

What’s a girl—
To do except just
Open up, say ahhh?

Vulgar Voyant

X was smart—
In more ways
Than one

He had my—
Gay number long
Before I did

He got me—
In his bedroom
I couldn’t get out

Oral Sex

Can you crave—
Something so bad
It’s all you want?

“Go on, suck it”—
he said. “You know
you really want it”

He was so snotty—
His flat runny nose
And big cock


Don’t ask and—
Don’t tell was the
Name of the game

“Go ahead”—
He said, “Say it
And mean it”

“Okay” I said—
“I’m a cocksucker!
Let me suck it!!!!”

Jizzy Journal

Is it possible—
To keep a journal
While writing poetry?

A Journal like—
The Counterfeiters
By a young fag?

A fag like me—
Writing about my
Cocksucking travails?

Miss Lautréamont

A sort of wandering—
Isidore Ducasse and

An Ardennes other—
Rimbaud drunken boat
Lorca douchebag duende?

It sounds kitschy—
My picaresque pastiches
He thought so too

Cheesy Romance

Miss Cocteau—
Intervenes, grants me
“Perpetual banishment”

Desperately in love—
With an Enfant Terrible
I’m glued to him

My foreskin lips—
His big cheesy dick &
haughty demeanor

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