Friday, March 30, 2012

Daddy Badboy

Daddy Badboy

“Daddy, I have
had to kill you”
—Sylvia Plath, Daddy

Daddy Badboy, I killed you—
You kept dying ahead of time
Man-heavy, a bag full of God

Ghastly your uncut dick—
Big as a Frisco seal with a
Pink head smeared freakish

Black & blue & greenish—
Bruised beautiful & nauseating
I used to pray to become you

My young hustler friend—
Daddy badboy your dick
Stuck way down my throat

Ten inches is a long ways—
Slide it slow, slide your root
Way down past my tonsils

You can hardly speak—
Gurgling & guzzling obscenely
Your Pretty Prick all mine

I was always scared of you—
With your neat little tight pubes
Your manly butchy mustache

Your thick gobbledygook—
Your expensive pouty smirk
Always playing hard to get

Every queer adores a Fascist—
The boot in the face, the brute
Brute heart of a brute like you

So erect in bed, Daddy badboy—
The cleft in your big thick Penis
Your dick-slit an inch long

I could get my tongue-tip—
Deep inside you almost all the
Way into your pretty red heart

I liked to pull your nice nut-sack—
And taste all that gooey glue
Cumming outta you, you, you

And I loved the rack & screw—
Pulling your soft telephone cord
Off at the root, outta the wall!!!

Killing the man that was you—
Hundreds of times drinking your
Cum like a vampire hot for jizz

Ten inches was all I wanted—
Ten inches was all I needed
To know a young stud like you

There was a stake in my big—
Fat faggot heart that was you
Always you always you

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