Friday, March 30, 2012

Death Boy

Death Boy

“that ride home
with our boy”
—Anne Sexton
“Sylvia’s Death”
The Complete Poems

The death we said—
We both outgrew, the boy
We wanted so badly

The boy we talked of—
So often each time after
Three extra-dry martinis

The boy we told analysts—
About poems without plots
The boy we drank to

The boy we wanted so badly—
And for so long, the boy of
City roofs & dumb prayers

The boy we waited for-
Under our hearts, our cupboards
The sleepy drummer boy

The boy in the Boston taxi—
All the way home, sadist
New York fairy boy

How we wanted him—
To do his job, a necessity
A window in the wall

All the times we wanted—
Knowing we stored him up
Year after years, old suicides

And then in Devonshire—
When you finally laid down
The death boy

He was our Boss Cupid—
The boy who was inside us
Waiting to be born

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