Friday, March 30, 2012

Little Red Riding Hoodlum

Little Red Riding Hoodlum—For Anne Sexton

Excuse me, my dears—
May I present to you this
Handsome young boy

He’s sixteen & he needs—
Some money fast, that’s
Why he’s a little hoodlum

He doesn’t have time—
To read the Brothers Grim
His wallet is simply barren

He’s willing to sell it—
To hustle & prostitute his
Bad boy body for ravishment

He’s like a dog in heat—
His male secrets whimpering
He unzips his Zipper and…

Bingo!!! Viola!!! Jesus!!!—
What a piece of Sculpture
Presto!!! Wanna see it again?

Well, of course, my dears—
He’s not perfect and he’s got
Some unusual Endowments

He was a Thalidomide baby—
So he’s got flippers for shoulders
His arms are strap-on dildoes

He’s kinda club-footed too—
Wears his boots like flat irons
But he wears his Martyrdom well

His pubes are a matted—
Mass of Fallen Angels all
Splattered with strings of pearls

He’s innocent as a Snowflake—
Such a malformed young Eel
Needs to be pampered a lot

Yes, down in his pink crib—
Something makes up for his
Various maimed deficiencies

A special pipeline direct to—
The meaty faint smell of the
Masculine mystical Occult

He’s got a big bad Wolf—
Down there making even his
Nice Grandmother kinda horny

She consults Astrologers—
Palm readers are brought in
To feel him up & finger him down

They all admire the kid’s Trophy—
He blushes redder than a Ruby
Red as a Radish outta the garden

Everybody’s thinking the same thing—
Surely it’s Bad Seed or an Evil Ovary
Requiring an elaborate cover-up

Red Riding Hoodlum was brave—
Like the hunchback carrying its hump
Carnival sideshows would make him rich

This Idiot Child was only good—
For one thing and that was to all day
Long Masturbate his Meat away

It was the same old Twice Told Story—
He had a Rumplestiltskin Rump that
Spun gold outta shit from his Asshole

He had a simply huge Cinderella Cock—
A big Boa Constrictor Fairytale Snake
The Seven Dwarfs fought over it

Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel—
The Frog Prince, Sleeping Beauty and
The Seven Dwarfs queried the Mirror

“Mirror, Slutty Mirror, up on the Wall”—
Tell us Queens of the Fairy Land now
“Who’s got the Kingdom’s Biggest Cock?”

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