Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back to Black

Back to Black
—for Amy Winehouse

You left no time to regret—
Kept your dick wet
With your same old safe bet.

Me and my head high—
My fuckin tears gone dry
Gettin on without my guy.

You went back—
To what’s her name
So different than you & me.

I doubled back—
Along my troubled track
My odds were stacked.

I went back to black—
Said good-bye with words
I died a hundred times.

You went back to her—
And I went back to them
My young black lovers.

I love it bad—
I love to fuck & suck…
I can’t get enough black.

I’ll never forget—
The way you rolled your eyes
You died a hundred times.

When you left me—
You didn’t even say goodbye
Now I go back to black.

Back to black—
Back to black, back to black
Back to black, babyboy.

I can’t say good-bye—
Can’t do without you no more
After getting it 100 times.

You go back to her—
She ain’t no fuckin good
And I go back to black.

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