Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Queer Dubstep

Rihanna—Rude Boy (CHRISPY REMIX)


Queer Dubstep

tightly coiled productions—
overwhelming bass lines and
reverberant drum patterns

clipped samples, vocals—
released back in the late ‘90s
dark, experimental, instrumental dub

2-step garage remixes—
incorporating funky breakbeat
dark drum & base 2-step

strains of dark garage music—
showcasing london's night clubs
forward (stylized as FWD>>>)

development of dubstep—
stylistic trends used in remixes
distinct from 2-step and grime

in a move foreshadowing—
endorsements of dubstep by r&b,
hip-hop mainstream figures like rihanna

and britney spears pushing—
dubstep tropes with pop audiences
propelling the genre lots of airplay

black sexuality flaunting it—
rihanna’s youtube rude boy
tongues untied for sure.

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