Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bomba, Bloody Bomba

Bomba, Bloody Bomba

Ho-hum. Another cinematic lay—
“Panic in the Streets” leaving me tres blue
Thinking about Tommy Cook young hoodlum.
Tall & slinky, skanky Jack Palance’s loverboy
What a kinky fag-noir chicken love-affair.

About as bad as “Sunday, Bloody Sunday”—
Reviewed recently by Miss Steve Hayes
That “Tired Old Queen” there at the movies.
Based on Penelope Gilliatt’s screenplay:
Peter Finch, Glenda Jackson, Murray Head.

But in my fag-noir jungle flick repertoire—
Johnny “Tarzan” Weissmuller & Brenda Joyce
Get sidelined in their tacky tree house condo
While Johnny “Boy” Sheffield gets all hot
And bothered by Tommy “Kimba” Cook.

Kimba be the cute sullen young brother—
Acquanetta the Leopard Skin High Priestess
Seducing Bomba into shedding his loincloth
Revealing what all of us wanted to see there
During hot Bijou Saturday matinee blowjobs.

“Tarzan and the Leopard Woman” (1946)—
Comes out 4 years before “Panic in the Streets”
Tommy’s 15 & Johnny’s 16 then—what dolls!!!
I can see why Tarzan & Jack Palance fell for
Cute Bomba & moody Kimba Leopard Kid…

Cheetah simply gets green with jealousy—
Boy going down on Kimba & visa versa.
Nothing like getting it on down in the jungle
Skimpy leopard loincloths revealing what
Drives Acquanetta & the queens crazy!!!

Acquanetta catty Leopard Jungle Queen—
Deadlier than the mad males she rules!!!
Kimba her bloodthirsty jungle kid brother
Who’s gets the hots for dumb, innocent but
Cute young naked Bomba Boy so neat!!!

Catching my jaundiced eye somewhat—
In Tommy’s racy “The Gay Senorita” (1945)
Camping it up in “The Thing With Two Heads”
As well as “The Tab Hunter Show” and
“Teenage Crime Wave” with Molly McCart…

“Teenage Jungle Love” deep in Africa—
Young Tommy Cook & cute Johnny Sheffield
Getting it on up there in the Tree House
So much for Acquanetta & all that jazz
Time for some hot teenage jungle jizz!!!

Funny how one’s faggy Filmography—
Takes on a life of its own like Sunset Blvd
Norma Desmond that old film noir slut like
Badboy Bomba in teenage loincloth drag
Wrestling with young studly African guyz.

Bomba, Bloody Bomba my downfall trick—
Pouty Tommy Cook what a sexy bombshell!!!
All my boyfriends up in the Bijou balcony
Fatal clones of those two male beauties.
Fuck the popcorn. Gimme jungle cock!!!

Later on in “The Gold Idol” (1954)—
Playing a 23-year-old cheesy Bomba boy
The Watusi tribe kidnaps him to worship
As their hunky whitey built golden idol
Only to be had by mad S/M Arab queens!

Naturally or rather somewhat unnaturally—
I follow pretty boy’s Hollywood career closely
Not failing to notice “Killer Leopard” which
Catches the attentions of Beverly Garland that
Skanky whore of Corman’s “The Swamp Women.”

Bomba’s last film “Lord of the Jungle” (1955)—
Has him humping Wayne Morris down on the
Studio floor—what’s a guy gotta do to prove he’s
Still Lord of the Jungle, my dears. But then like
Nothing’s forever whether goodlooks or youth…

Nefarious Tommy Cook checks out
Johnny Sheffield taking a shower.

Kimba brown-noses Jane, then gets into Boy's bulgy loincloth.

Johnny Sheffield tries out Leopard skin drag...

Bitch fight between Kimba and Bad Boy.

Acquanetta the Bitch Queen of the Jungle.

"Oh Bomba, harder please!!!"

"Tell us. Is it true, Bomba, you've got a nice Big One?"

"Now for some fun with zee cute American White Boy!!!"

Bomba & butchy Congo Boyfriend argue over who's gonna be Top.

Imagine this swinging nude on a vine through the jungle tree-tops?

"I wish that Kimba would hurry up & get his ass here!!!"

Looks like an Angel...but really he's a naughty little Devil.

"Oh, I suppose. If you really have to..."

"Cluck! Cluck!" said the chicken goodbye..........

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