Sunday, July 17, 2011

Miss Titanic Sinks Again

Miss Titanic Sinks Again

“Not many years before
Titanic sank in 1912,
Thorstein Veblen wrote in
The Theory of the Leisure
Class that the ‘modern
Feminine’…leaves no
alternate direction in which
the impulse to purposeful
action may find expression.”
—David Gerstner, “Unsinkable Masculinity:
The Artist and the Work of Art in James
Cameron’s Titanic,” The Titanic in Myth
and Memory: Representations in
Visual and Literary Culture

Perhaps one could say today—
The same thing about the excesses
Of the Faggotization of Hollywood &
Queering of American Film Culture?

One only has to YouTube it—
Back to the original Titanic (1953)
With fastidious nelly Clifton Webb
Cruising cute boyish Robert Wagner.

Along with Barbara Stanwyck—
Thelma Ritter, Audrey Dalton and
A bunch of other bitter old queens on
That doomed Luxury Liner of Death.

Fags & Straights, Rich & Poor—
All bidding Cruel Atlantic Adieu to
The fading Leisure Class Elite
Just like what’s happening now.

Young Wagner as below deck trick—
Rather than Clifton’s handsome son,
We all know that’s just a gay façade
Pretending it’s purely heterosexual.

Below deck the rumor is that—
They had a torrid love affair in
Their swanky cabin—plenty of
Oozing Caviar & Champagne.

So let’s get real, my dears—
Play it again with DiCaprio
Getting sucked off below deck
By famished Queen Cliftonetta.

And quote me some lies—
From Housman’s “Shropshire Lad”
About being one & twenty and
All that male romantic bullshit…

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