Thursday, July 28, 2011

Young Black Moses

Young Black Moses

He was so embarrassing—
He got so much skanky attention
People would just shake their heads.

I felt so awfully ashamed—
He’d limp like he had a lame dick
He’d point to me like I sprained it.

What can I say about him—
About such a cute black loverboy
Such a hot piece of teenage jailbait.

A straight young Mandingo—
He sure be flauntin his swishy ways
Limpin’ & gimpin’ & grinnin’ that way.

He be draggin around that lizard—
That fuckin anaconda down his long leg
People on the street just gawked.

He’d take it for a walk at night—
Parting the crowds in a gay bar like
A young Moses & the Dead Sea.

His Ten Commandments were—
Ten inches of Hell & Paradise, honey.
Pharaoh didn’t want him to go!!!

He came down from the Mountain—
Every fuckin night in bed with me
His Burning Bush between his legs!!!

Moses be Black, baby, and I be blue—
Hold on he’d say, I’m not done with you
He reamed me real good, thru & thru.

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