Friday, September 16, 2011


MCONDO Film Festival

“The cinema seems to have
been invented to express the
subconscious life, whose roots
penetrate so deeply into poetry;
but it is almost never used for
that end.”—Luis Buñuel, Cinema,
Instrument of Poetry

There’s a MCONDO Film Festival going on during the weekend at the classic art deco Tower Theater according to the Miami Dade College Events Calendar.

A truly eclectic filmic ménage a trois of three rather excitingly titillating MCONDO Genre films dealing with homoerotic desire and longing. Miami Dade College is expecting a truly tantalizing cinematic muy macho weekend. The gay aspects of Latino-American film have often been hidden in the closet—forbidden, dark, often hidden deep in the skanky back-alleys of contemporary cinematic consciousness.

Cuban-American str8t movie audiences now have a chance to take more than just a peek—deep into gay Hollywood Babylon’s most campy, kitschy, controversial compulsions. Queer Love!!!

Motorcycle Diaries, Str8t Macho Melodrama, 2004. 2 hrs. 7 min. Spanish with English subtitles.

Y Tu Mamá También, Gay-Str8t Comedy, 2002. 1 hr. 45 min. Spanish with English subtitles.

Bad Education, Gay-Str8t Bildungsroman Drama, 2004. 106 min.

Motorcycle Diaries (2004)

“Are you talking to
the motorcycle again?”
—Ernesto Guevara de la Serna

This is the story about two young men. In love with a motorcycle. Or are they in love with themselves? It’s a long drawn-out love affair—stretching from Argentina all the way thru South America to Castro’s Cuba.

What is the underlying MCONDO subtext of this supposedly muy macho love affair between 2 future Cuban Marxist Leaders of the Revolution?

What is this constant undertow and gay undercurrent in the affairs of male-dominated Patriarchal Revolutionary Zeal that so consumed, poisoned and tainted the Revolution?

How much Corporate Male Competition and Historic Homophobic Warfare has overshadowed both North and South America since the Old World discovered the New World?

Could it be that there’s a Secret Str8t Side to the Gay Doppleganger of Same Sex Love? The love that still dares not mention its name.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Do It—isn’t that the underlying reason? How the muy macho Male Agenda queered the Revolution?

Can any DADT Executive Order or proud DOMA Proclamation liberate the troubled modern Str8t Male?

Highly doubtful That’s why males need motorcycles to ride close together and pretend it’s all a great adventure riding down some Great Mystery Highway of Life.

A different kind of Motorcycle Diary. If only Che Guevara instead of Fidel Castro—had been the Leader of the Cuban Revolution?

Y Tu Mamá También (2002)

Luisa: You have to make the
clitoris your best friend.
Tenoch: What kind of friend
is always hiding?

A typical three-way love-affair, two guyz and a chick in the middle. Another long drawn-out journey-to-
nowhere-trip, good for bildungsroman buddies and lots of hangovers.

After one nondescript teenage on-the-road intoxicated night, after the boyz get down and dance with each other. Discovering each other’s young lithe male nude bodies, they can be nice to touch and make romance to just as much as chicks.

Especially if one of the guyz is handsome, moody Gael Garcia Bernal…

Only to wake up in the morning with splitting hang-over headaches, their heads throbbing and them feeling like shit. Turning over in the bed and seeing each other, suddenly remembering vaguely doing what they’d done to each other...

Up goes the male defenses, the shocking guilt and shame of kissing. The forbidden blowjobs and new pleasurable butt-fucking. They’re both discovered something last night. The ancient gay secret—that men can love each other too.

Quickly, wanting to forget about such queer romance, stumbling outta bed and outdoors, both of them vomiting and upchucking their brains out. What’s wrong? What’s the MCONDO context here?

Bad Education (2004)

In many ways this film is like another cumly Catholic Confessional Flick, The Crime of Padre Amaro (2002):

Father Amaro: You are more beautiful than the Virgin.
Amelia: [smirks]
Father Amaro: Tell me your sins, child.
Amelia: You already know them. And your sins?

Funny how a str8t mise en scene like in The Crime of Padre Amaro—can shift so easily over into a homosexual one. A gay mise en abyme—involving a priest and two of his students as in Bad Education.

Bad Education gets more & more relevant—the more the Catholic Church and the Boyz Scouts try to cover-up the misprisions of their priests and scoutmasters.

Are the gay priests in Rome and Dublin saying the same thing as Father Manolo, the school principal and Literature teacher in Bad Education? That the boyz are more beautiful than the Virgin?

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