Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tour of Ocean Drive


Armando Takes Me on a Tour
Of Ocean Drive Miami Beach

Sensing my boredom and that I was on the verge of dismissing him, Armando suggested we get a rental and he’d take me on a guided tour of Ocean Drive with him being my personal chauffeur…and guide.

He picked a swanky baby-assed pink Cadillac convertible to tool around in, a classic ’59 wreck with gauche lurid fins erect in the back and enough chrome on the grill in front to sink a battleship.

I sat next to my young Cuban hotshot, my trembling hand on his knee, shivering in wonder as we slowly drove up Ocean Drive with all its simply gorgeous art deco temples so exquisitely gay and moderné.

I started taking cellphone pics with the classic Avalon Hotel at 800 Ocean Drive…and sure enough there was a classic Thunderbird convertible parked in front just like the pics on the internet. It was a beautiful afternoon, as we cruised slowly past The Colony and The Starlite Hotels.

And then Viola! My first chicken hustler of the day. Standing there shirtless in the middle of the street, showing off what he had to all the tourists going by. I opened the door and he got inside.

The kid sat in between me and Armando, what a sexy way to take a leisurely Miami Beach tour. With two young studs as my cute Heurtebise guides…

And me in a decadent pink Cadillac cruising Ocean Drive Art Deco Heaven!!! Honey, I thought I’d die…

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