Thursday, September 8, 2011

MiMo Radical Artifice

Miami Moderné Art Deco

“my salient faith
annealed me…“
—Hart Crane,
“Key West”

My art deco lips—
Annealed to his straining
Mediterranean Revival neck

Chic Miami Moderné (MiMo)—
Flat hard smooth stomach
Pouty by the pool…

C 33

“O blameless shyness—
innocence desolate”
—Hart Crane,
“Modern Craft” (1917)

Hart has interwoven lives—
Art deco zigzags in the Miami
Night, rigorous & clean-cut sleek
Kept boyz, streamlined elegantly
With chrome & steel sophisticatedly
Designed coral, jade, onyx and
Lapis lazuli Miami Moderné (MiMo)
Cockrings for Cinco de MiMo holidays
The Biscayne Boulevard Historic District
Then weekends at the Fontainebleau.

O Miami Moderné! Enrich those billfolds!

Fates, fortunes, poor expensive cute
Beachboyz limping down by the gilded
Billion dollar pool, the long-gone ghosts
Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli gone.

O Playboy elite of ancient Pharaonic Egypt!

After such extravagance—
Hart needed a sobering penitence
To correct such expensive shamelessness
With a more modest art deco dilettantish dip
Into the less swanky South Beach beachfront
Avalon Motel on Ocean Drive, across from
Lummus Park Beach where rough trade
Is just as expensive as the ritzy
Hoity-toity Fontainebleau but still
Somewhat more SM earthy…

MiMo Bijou
(Miami Moderné Theater)

“Radical artifice, less a matter
of ingenuity and manner, of
elaboration and elegant
subterfuge—more a recognition
that a poem or painting or
performance text is a ‘made
thing’—contrived, constructed,
chosen—and that its reading is
also a construction on the part
of the audience—empowering
the audience by altering its
perceptions of how things
happen—even collages of found
texts charged with possibilities.”
—Marjorie Perloff, Radical Artifice

Tastefully designed—
Thirties Miami Moderné
Deluxe Art Deco Theater
Daring Deco Flicks!!!

Neo-avant-garde movies—
MiMo from the very start
Staging chic avant-gaudiest
Hollywood Babylon’s best!!!

New art deco déjà vu—
Sleek burlesque just for you
Doing Marlene Dietrich drag
Blonde Venus “Hot Voodoo”!!!

Such stylish neo-pop films—
Classy arrière-avant garde
So much for the same old
Str8t masks and closets!!!

Gay Miami POMO avant garde—
Fall of the Roman Empire time
Fragmentation, fags, so tragic
Caused by the queens, again???

So gird your svelte loins, dears—
The background radiation’s here
POMO parody, kitsch burnout
Miami Moderné MiMo Bijou time?

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