Friday, September 16, 2011

MCONDO Late Show

MCONDO Late Show

“but the boy
was a confirmed
debauchee by that
point”—Shawn Levy,
The Last Playboy:
The High Life of
Porfirio Rubirosa

Chicken Noche, Chicken Comedy/Melodrama, 2012.
78 min. English and Spanish with subtitles.

A classic film of dark faggoty amour fou. Winner of the Cannes Film Festival, a shocking, controversial BioPic about a famous Dominican Republic gigolo youth. The decadent Parisian adolescent coming-out story of Porfirio Rubirosa, known as the Last Great Playboy.

Boy Distress
Kept Boy Beginnings
Gigolo Chicken
Typical Casanova Kid
Swank Ladies Man
Boy Distress—
Dressed to Digress

“You should have
seen him… He was
our little Porfirio
Rubirosa”—Junot Diaz,
The Brief Wondrous
Life of Oscar Wao

It’s lucky, I suppose—
The mulatto fag Queens
Got young Porfirio off
When he was Chicken.

Before Zsa Zsa did—
Dolores del Rio, Eartha Kitt,
Marilyn Monroe, Ave Gardner,
Rita Hayworth, Joan Crawford…

Plus Veronica Lake, Kim Novak—
Doris Duke & Barbara Hutton,
Judy Garland & Eva Peron…
The List is Kunt-numbing.

Kept Boy Beginnings

"an 11-inch cafe
au lait sinker
as thick as a
man's wrist."
—Truman Capote,
Answered Prayers

Porfirio was in luck—
Parisian demimonde just craving
American hot jazz & cute mulatto
Musicians, singers & dancers.

Montmartre below Butte—
The chic Parisian Harlem,
Teeming with Afro-American
Expatriate young studs.

A Caribbean youth—
Mixed blood, café au lait skin,
His hair somewhere between
Wavy and kinky, reckless.

Gigolo Chicken

Such angst, my dears—
Talk about Boy Distress and
Parisian Queens Dressed to
Digress. It goes on & on…

Rumors of the rich kid—
With a simply divine athletic
Body, bedroom eyes and
A huge Dominican dick…

Such lurid Gigolo gossip—
Such Mulatto Shamelessness!
Such Dinge Queen Desires!
Such a handsome Young Man!

Hotels, bars, cafes—
Nightclubs catering to him
Young handsome dark meat
Dancing in a swank tuxedo.

Typical Casanova Kid

He was a Casanova Kid—
He’d give you the pelvic pump
With his big moody bedroom eyes
His nascent negroid Pimp-liness.

Zsa Zsa showed it to me—
This pic of Porfirio in the nude
What a huge black Humdinger
Worthy of a Hollywood Oscar!!!

A typical Dominican dick—
A young Dictator’s piece of meat
More Mobutu than Mobutu himself
Ambassador’s son a la Trujillo.

Swank Ladies Man

Porfirio Rubirosa—
Smooth, rich, sophisticated
His father a wealthy diplomat
To France and then England.

Porfirio puts them to shame—
All the stupid str8t boyz today,
Big Daddy boyz, Baby Doll boyz,
Ghost Mall Apocalypto hustlers.

Detritus of Depression—
The Fall of Rome again, dears
Late Capitalism haunts us in drag
Even our gigolos lack class.

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