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“The danger was not that she
would lose control or surrender
to the impulses of the raging
bitch goddess within herself
but that the stiff outward
features would become
recognizable as parts of a mask.”
—Edward Butscher, Sylvia Plath
Method and Madness

The Murder Trial

After Ted & Assia Wevill—
Got put away for life having
Attempted murder most foul!!!

What could the Queen—
Possibly do to mitigate the
Horrible Public Relations fiasco?

The simply filthy Tabloids—
Were full of trashy tacky Scandal
The American press even worse!

The embarrassing Headlines blared
The National Enquirer screamed

Ted and Assia so rudely dead—
No need for the Tower of London
Garbage washing into sluggish Thames

Trashy Poet Laureate

Parliament was pissed off—
The House of Lords all paunchy
And periwigged tres aghast!!!

Prince Philip smirked—
“Let the Bourgeois Apocalypse
Finally fucking begin!!!”

Only one Solution was possible—
Silencing Scandal by taking back
The Royal “Order of Merit”!!!

Awarding Sylvia Plath—
The grand Poet Laureateship
Assuaging her Killer Victim Fame!!!

Plath Reborn

"It was only when she gave up
that effort to 'get outside' herself,
and finally accepted the fact that
her painful subjectivity was her
real theme, and that the plunge
into herself was her only real
direction…that she suddenly
found herself in full possession
of her genius"—Ted Hughes,
Introduction, Johnny Panic
and the Bible of Dreams

Arbitrary surreal symbols—
Plath's Ariel poems rather
Overly impassioned and too
Rosenberg electroshockette

Sylvia’s surreal shorthand—
Actually impassioned fast
Reorganizations of the quickie
Relevant obvious facts

Sylvia gave up trying—
To get outside herself
And finally accepted her
Sleek Sappho modernism

But she had to make up—
A quick shorthand jumping
In & out of her Johnny Panic
Closet of Dreary Dreams

Miss Yeats suggesting—
There in the Fitzroy maisonette
The sleek Arielesque racehorse
Guiding her terrible sleek Tercets

After the Reading

“the heavy hammy
American cheap slang”
—Sylvia Plath
The Unabridged Journals
May 19m 1958

She had the bitch itch—
Caught between two worlds
One dead and the other
Powerless to be born

Like some vulgar rejection—
From Ladies’ Home Journal
So humiliating the way
They questioned her Style

Who knows what her—
Poetry would’ve been like
Instead of the usual str8t
Male Waste Land stuff?

Buried down there in—
St.Thomas' Churchyard,
Heptonstall, West Yorkshire
With all the dead dears

And then there was—
Olwyn all snail-faced
And ashamed of herself
Covering up for her brother

And then there was—
That heavy British male
Jocularity one sees in
The Sulky spoiled Isles

Smelly with their own—
Inner corruption and
Greasy unkempt hair
Picking their noses

Anglo-Saxon history—
Corruption, crimes and
Unctuous schmooze
So what else is new?


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