Friday, April 6, 2012

Roller Rink Blues

Roller Rink Blues

I just hated those tacky—
Birthday parties at the stupid
Roller Rink west of town

I was so nelly on skates—
Going around & around that
Crummy little joint’s floor

But what else can you—
Do in a Kansas Cowtown
Peyton Place Shithole?

Girl’s Choice was always—
So embarrassing because
Nobody would choose me

If only they’d had instead—
Something like Boy’s Choice
I would’ve been an Easy Lay

They all knew I was gay—
Especially the owner who had
The hots for Mommy Dearest

I had her pretty eyes—
And her nice little behind
He watched me all the time

I’d wiggle it and he’d blow—
His whistle high and low
What a bug-eyed asshole!

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