Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Hammock

The Hammock

“the stutter
is the plot”
—Charles Olson
Billy Budd

It was late at night—
Billy Budd was in his
Hammock beating-off

With a sudden surge—
Billy shot his copious
Wad on the floor

Like the contents—
Of a soup pan on a
New-swabbed deck

Except that Claggart—
Happened to be
Passing by and…

The greasy wad—
Streamed onto his
Black shiny boots

Without saying anything—
Claggart moved on
Ignoring the accident

Then his countenance—
Changed and he turned
Around smiling

Billy had just barely—
Recovered from his nasty
Ejaculation and

Fearing for the worse—
Laid nude pretending
To be sleeping away

While still convulsing—
Unable to conceal
His cumly curvatures

Claggart walked—
Over to Billy there
In the hammock

The Master-at-Arms—
Stood over the kid
Still oozing cum

Shiny black boots—
Glinting in the dark
Smeared with jizz

Was it merely—
An accident such
A surly thing?

The manly squirt—
A spontaneous thing
Just a wetdream?

Billy’s eyes were—
Closed tight as a
Hanged man’s eyes

And Billy was still—
Quivering like a
Plate of Jell-O

When well-hung—
Sailors were hanged
They shot that way

Claggart smiled—
Playfully tapping his
Rattan on the boy

Sliding the baton—
Slowly down Billy’s
Hard flat belly

“Handsomely done—
Billy Boy, my lad,”
Claggart said slyly

“And Handsome is—
as Handsome does!”
Going down on him

Billy the Stutterer—
Stuttered helplessly
Every slutty night

Both Vere & Claggart—
Sharing the handsome sailor
Between them greedily

“God Bless, Capt Vere!”—
Billy would say afterwards
In the captain’s chambers

“Damn you, Claggart!”—
Billy would say hissing at
The Masturbator-at-Arms

A slow roll of the hull—
A ponderous surge of
Those great ocean waves

Like a moody Diva—
Recovering from the
Periodic roll to seaward

Regaining an even keel—
After the last precious
Unwilling hammock blow

Billy Budd’s climax—
Hung there in the hammock
Hanging later from the mast

Either way Billy Budd—
Was unwilling to let it show
His virile Vulnerability

Each time Billy came—
A strange dumb gesturing
And gurgling came outta him

Convulsing tongue-tied—
Straining indifferently
In agony & teen aloofness

A condemned vestal virgin—
A priestess buried alive
On a Ship of Fools

A startling Impoliteness—
Then suddenly a violent
Paralysis and discharge

A young athlete’s groan—
Claggart going down
His mermaid manly lips

“Fatal boy,” Vere says—
When Billy comes to his
Cabin for sloppy seconds

Bracing the boy’s loins—
Into a standing position then
Getting him back down

Shooting his manhood—
Turing his face away from
Captain Vere’s eager eyes

Foretopman foreskin—
Captain’s hammock boy
Indecent Sea valet

Claggart so jealous—
Hot for coxswain cock
Gagging on it nicely

Knowing the youth’s—
Rich violet blurring
Muddy purple dickhead

Mesmerizing glans—
Uncoiling the kid’s snake
Queen of Cobra Island

Both older men spoiled—
Touched to the quick
By Billy’s sullen innocence

Both men crucified by—
Their desires & pent-up
Uncouth wantonness

The way Billy stuttered—
Despite his violent attempts
To control his convulsions

Struggling like a flying fish—
Outta water flopping around
Helplessly there on deck

Satisfied only by Billy’s—
Lost innocence dying slowly
In his hammock below deck

Billy Budd straining—
His swollen Nut ending up
Smearing his canvas coffin

Both Vere & Claggart—
Knowing all too well he’d
End up down in Davy’s Locker

Boss Cupid sailor boy—
Hung by the neck till dead
That’s what they wanted

Whether slowly at night—
Below deck in the dark
Deep in the depths

Or up there on deck—
Swinging from the yardarm
Squirting his brains out

Billy couldn’t help it—
Claggart was so pushy and
Captain Vere insistent

Sooner or later—
Billy would end up the
Hanged Man pretty soon

The Bellipotent moaned—
And groaned with the
Sea-surge’s lost innocence

The ship’s timbers ached—
Swinging hammocks swung
And Claggart got his fill

Poor Billy Budd—
The Handsome Sailorboy
Feigned fear & hung on

Deadly afraid of Claggart—
Knowing it was surely
Death if he didn’t let him

Claggart with his reputation—
For dumping young sailors
Overboard for not putting-out

Shipboard life was—
Secretive yet everybody
Knew the tricks of the trade

Young sailors like Billy—
In demand because they
Weren’t tainted with VD

Claggart couldn’t stand—
Sharing Billy with Capt Vere
Things would get ugly soon

The Bellipotent wasn’t the—
First ship plagued by vulgar
Mutiny by a Pretty Boy…

Claggart guilted Billy—
Forcing him below deck
Every chance he got

All the other sailors—
Simply shrugged so what?
Life at Sea wasn’t Pretty

Claggart the queer—
Knowing what he wanted

Billy Budd for dinner—
All those Caviar Tears
Tres Sushi Boy Deluxe!

Claggart wanted to—
Annihilate Billy’s
Innocence with guilt

Making him his—
Unwilling Accomplice
Sexually his Slave

Decadent yearnings—
Indecent greedy lips
Wanting Billy Boy Blue

Claggart was desperate—
Hiding his Loneliness
By corrupting Billy Budd

Pulling Billy down—
All the way down with him
Into depths of despair

Capt Vere not much—
Better standing Erect
And tall as a musket

Keeping the façade—
Of the Royal Navy intact
Even tho rotting inside

Billy Budd caught—
Between the Devil and
The Deep Blue Sea

He could only—
Stutter & look away
During each awful lay

Both Vere & Claggart—
Taking the kid for a ride
Fucking & sucking him silly

Poor Bellipotent Boy—
So exquisitely shy when
Commandeered at Sea

Shanghaied shamelessly—
By those with an eye for
Fine young Male Beauty

Subjecting him to their—
Brute Force soliloquy sung
On deck just for him

Billy Budd’s Swan Song—
Dancing at the end of his
Tight taunt jerking Rope

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  1. An fairly simple example of "negative capability" applied to a classic text like Melville's "Billy Budd."