Wednesday, April 18, 2012



“Even Jesus—Needs Sex!!!”
Says the good Reverend—Harry Hog
Preaching to his—Oinklette congregation
Of snout-nosed—Holy Hoglettas

“Calling Jesus—Help me Lord!!”
The piggly-wiggly—Parishioners sing
Rolling in the aisles—baying the moon
It’s time to—Go Down on Moses, baby!!!

The Lord of Lard & greasy Bacon—
Looks down on his—faithful flock
How the Porky Pigs—squeal & pray
Calling Jesus—for a decent lay

If only they—really knew the truth
Them ending up—as Bacon & Eggs
Sizzling, fried—straight down to Hell
Deep Throat it, baby—Gimme your Hog!!!

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