Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Constructivist Novel

A Constructivist Novel

“At the bottom
of the lake”
—Barrett Watten
“Negative,” The
Constructivist Moment:
From Material Text to
Cultural Poetics

At the bottom—something real
A brief moment—simply surrealistic
Another Russian novel—inside a collage box
Down in Joseph Cornell’s—basement studio
He’s a Spy—who came in from the Cold
Lacking any Self—or Authorial Function
Combining Constructivist—Formal Austerity
With Dime Store—kitschy Surrealism
Things down—in the corner of his Boxes
His Rose Hobart homage—Tahiti amours
Reprimanded by Dali—as much too oneric
Reconstructing—each new Schwitters scene
Out of faded movies—forgotten moviestars
Nostalgia dynamics—tingling with oblivion
His own Tatlin Tower—International

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